Afterwork (Director)

Afterwork is Luis Uson´s next shortfilm project and he´s back to some of his obssesions: Aleanating jobs, nonsense life and cartoons. Produced by Matte Cg and developed during almost three years with the collaboration of some of the best animation artists of Spain, Ecuador and Peru, it will be released in June of 2017.

PAGINA 2017-02-26 a las 16.01.00 PAGINA 2017-02-26 a las 15.59.07 PAGINA 2017-02-26 a las 16.00.38 PAGINA 2017-02-26 a las 16.03.43 PAGINA 2017-02-26 a las 16.01.59

Director: Luis Uson (Pinkoo, El club del bromista)

Co-Director: Andres Aguilar (Matte Cg Creative Director)

Music: Manu Riveiro (Green Inferno, Knock Knock)

Screenplay: Luis Uson

Produced by: Matte CG with the collaboration of Uson Studio and Apus Estudio

Producers: Luis Uson and Andres Aguilar